Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown Punchcard

I’ve been listening to the Programming Throwdown podcast for a while. Although I have them listed in the Podcasts section in the side bar, I thought that they deserved an entire post. In my opinion, this is probably one of the best programming podcasts out there. If you haven’t listened to any of the other programs listed in the side bar, I urge you to do so. The hosts are both software engineers and have a lot of experience and knowledge between the 2 of them.

The format of the show is easy to follow and helps keep you current in the world of programming. As you go back through their catalog, and I definitely think you should, you will actually be able to see Continue reading

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Backup Your MySQL Database

MySQL Server

There are times when it is necessary to backup your database. It should be considered good practice to occasionally backup your database for no other reason than to have a good backup sitting around. Data corruption and data loss are no laughing matter, and can happen at any time for any number of reasons.

Other than backing up your database, it is usually a good idea to have a off-site backup around somewhere (encrypted in the cloud, or on a thumb-drive are not bad ideas). Some server hosts Continue reading

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It’s the second week into 2015. Most people have already stated their resolutions for the new year, and many have already thrown in the towel. I’m not usually one to make resolutions and make a big deal of the whole tradition, but this year I’m going to give it an honest shot.

I think the problem with most resolutions, at least the ones I hear people spouting out every new year’s eve, are just too ridiculous to attain or sustain for very long. We’ve all heard them, and usually every year from
Continue reading

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Completely Removing Ubuntu One From Your Machine

Well, Ubuntu One is now gone. The servers went completely Offline June 1st as promised. Now it’s probably time to remove the program from your machine. It’s not hard to do. Most people were able to completely remove the program using apt-get, Synaptic Package Manager, or the Ubuntu Software Store.

I used Synaptic. It went fine and without any problems. However, I was still receiving notifications afterward from Ubuntu One that the servers Continue reading

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The End of Ubuntu One and Some Alternatives

On Wednesday, April 2nd, it was announced on the Canonical Blog that the Ubuntu One service would be shutting down. Some assumed it was an April Fools joke until Friday when an email was sent to notify the rest of the users. Both the blog post and the email informed users that they will no longer be able to upgrade their accounts, but could still use the service until June 1st, with the remainder of the service shutting down July 31st. After July 31st, all content will be Continue reading

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