The End of iGoogle

Google has officially announced the end of igoogle today. If you are unfamiliar with igoogle, it’s a personalized homepage for your internet browser. The concept behind the project was to give users the ability to create their own homepage and fill it with “gadgets” of their choosing that would help keep them up to date and assist in productivity. A good analogy would be to think about the applications on your phone, in essence, they are a lot like the gadgets on the homepage and even come from their own marketplace.

That is also the reason Google has decided to drop this project. They claim that the need for personalized home pages has diminished thanks to the evolution of the web browsers, apps, and mobile technology. The release also lists some alternatives in these categories for users to switch to and advise them to back up their information.

I don’t personally believe this, but I can see what they mean. I enjoy opening up my browser and getting all the information that I would track down all in one place in a gallery format. It was nice being able to glance over a bunch of gadgets at one time and choose whichever headline or gadget grabbed my attention first.

In the end however, I don’t have access to the actual user stats; I may be part of a dying breed. Google has been kind enough to give users a well in advance warning about the end of the project. The mobile version disappears at the end of this month, July 31, and the browser version at the end of next year, November 1, 2013.

This should give users plenty of time to adjust or find a new personalized homepage offered by one of the competitors. But with Google dropping theirs, it makes you wonder about the future of Yahoo’s My Yahoo, and Microsoft’s My MSN.

The official Google release can be found here, What’s happening to iGoogle?

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