Easiest Netbeans 7.3 and Java JDK Install Possible

I recently had to re-install my operating system, Ubuntu 12.04, this weekend. In doing so, I had to also re-install all of my development tools, including the Netbeans IDE and the Java JDK. Netbeans requires the use of the Java JDK to run. I wasn’t aware that Java offered a bundled version of Netbeans with the release of their JDK until today, so I thought I would help to spread the information. If you’re unfamiliar with Netbeans IDE, I’d highly suggest checking it out. Personally, it’s my favorite IDE to develop web-sites in.

All you have to do is go to Oracle’s Java download page and choose the “JDK + Netbeans” option of the two options available. After selecting the bundle option, you’re presented with a list of download links for each operating system. Choose the correct link corresponding to your operating system, download, and follow the wizard. The wizard will walk you through the dual install of both Java and Netbeans.

For those using Linux:

The quickest way to install from the terminal after download:

Open the terminal and locate where your package installed. If you haven’t changed the download directory, it’s in Downloads. Switch to the directory.


Use ls to locate the full name of the package.

Change the permission to execute the package.

sudo chmod +x name-of-package.sh

Once the permission have been changed, simply execute the installer which will prompt the wizard.


There you have it; how much easier could it be? Both packages have been downloaded and installed in a breeze.

The download for the standalone packages can be found here:

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