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I’ve been listening to the Programming Throwdown podcast for a while. Although I have them listed in the Podcasts section in the side bar, I thought that they deserved an entire post. In my opinion, this is probably one of the best programming podcasts out there. If you haven’t listened to any of the other programs listed in the side bar, I urge you to do so. The hosts are both software engineers and have a lot of experience and knowledge between the 2 of them.

The format of the show is easy to follow and helps keep you current in the world of programming. As you go back through their catalog, and I definitely think you should, you will actually be able to see some of the evolution of different languages and software available at the time of recording. The first part of the show is dedicated to various other topics before getting to the title topic. It begins with the usual “How are you?” then moves on to “News” then transitions into “Book of the Show” and “Tool of the Show” and then they get into the “Title Topic”

The “How are you?” section is the usual introduction to the show and to the hosts and what they have been up to since the previous episode. The “News” section consists of some bigger news items in the world of tech. The “Book of the Show” is a book that they find interesting or helpful. It can be a book about a language, or theory, or even sometimes is a non-fiction book they may be reading that they feel others would enjoy as well. The “Tool of the Show” covers a helpful piece of software. The tool may or may not be pertinent to the shows topic. The shows “Title Topic” is usually a programming language. Sometimes they veer off and do something that is theory or practice, or even software, but the show is dedicated mostly to languages.

Most shows are about an hour. They don’t go in depth with the language, but will cover relevant parts and let you know what the language is best suited for. They will cover the history of the language, common pitfalls, and explain strategies and good practices. They will also give good resources to look further into the language. Overall, it’s a great primer if you’re interested in a language or need a little more information on the background.


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The best way to support any podcast is through word of mouth. So, make sure to let any other programmers you know about this wonderful podcast.

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