Using Dropbox as a Repo: A Simple Cheat Sheet

Many people use Dropbox as a git repository. And why not? It’s compatible across many different platforms, a secure cloud storage service, and easy to setup and begin using immediately. I use it the most when switching between operating systems or even different machines entirely. It’s a great place to centralize my projects, and keep them all up to date across multiple platforms with ease.

When using Dropbox, I maintain several different repository Continue reading

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Parse an Array as a String with PHP

Recently I found myself needing to quickly parse an associative array as a string to use in a logging function. I wanted minimal lines and to keep it simple. Using two PHP functions, http_build_query() and str_replace(), and a little fiddling I found my answer.

Of course, if you’re not using an associative array, you could always use the implode() function. To parse a simple array as a string using the implode function would Continue reading

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Easiest Netbeans 7.3 and Java JDK Install Possible

I recently had to re-install my operating system, Ubuntu 12.04, this weekend. In doing so, I had to also re-install all of my development tools, including the Netbeans IDE and the Java JDK. Netbeans requires the use of the Java JDK to run. I wasn’t aware that Java offered a bundled version of Netbeans with the release of their JDK until today, so I thought I would help to Continue reading

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Three Free Tools to Help You Get Started With Graphical Design

If you have been contemplating getting into graphical design work, you should not feel discouraged just because you cannot seem to get your hands on the best tools on the market. Do not let your inexperience or inability to afford top of the line products dissuade you from reaching your goals. There are many free or inexpensive tools on the market that you can get your hands on today. Three  of those tools Continue reading

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Using the Directory Iterator Class for Log Files

My favorite use of the Directory Iterator class is cycling through a logs directory. Sometimes I use it when I have a huge directory full of things I need to get a quick look at. Setting up the class to use is a cinch, and can even be easy for someone just beginning to work with object oriented programming.

To set up the object and begin working with it, all you need to know is Continue reading

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